Tuesday, January 11, 2011

grande mocha no whip

So here I am, at work. It's 9:30 am, and I'm drinking my mocha to wake me up for the day (I have been awake since 6:45). I love working downtown mornings as opposed to on the university campus in the afternoons. Instead of riding the bus with students and their backpacks heading to class, I am picking up my morning Starbucks with business professionals in their suits, and I like it. After a semester of being graduated from college, I'm starting to feel a little more grown up. However, working 9-6 every day is exhausting. How do adults find the time for anything?! Maybe that's why most parents I know don't have a social life. With work and kids, they are left with zero time to themselves! By the time I get home and make dinner, I have a couple of hours left...to do what? If I work out and shower, it's time for bed again. If I want to see friends to keep me sane, I don't have time to work out. Oh, the troubles of adulthood.

Having some extra income each month is very reassuring though. I don't have to stress as much thinking about how I will pay my bills each month, as well as how I will save some of my paycheck towards my move to LA. However, this working full time thing would feel a lot better if I actually made the salary of a full time employee. But, alas, that's asking too much, isn't it?

So I got new headshots taken, as I hope you checked out! I have had a total of four auditions since September, and I felt like something needed to change. Maybe it wasn't my headshots, but then again, maybe it was...whatever I can do to help boost my success! I know this isn't LA, so auditions aren't going to be boundless, but c'mon...that's one audition once a month. Two were tapings, so I didn't have a lot of optimism for those, but the two in person auditions I did have, I got called back! I was surprised and oh so proud that I accomplished that first feat! My time will come where I will book a paying gig, but to get over the first hurdle of getting called back, is still an accomplishment in my eyes. But it's going to be really nice to book something one of these days...those paychecks are more than I get paid working full time! And I'd be doing something I love!!

Tomorrow night I'm going to the Network Austin Mixer. The four big casting directors in Austin are speaking as a special mixer to start off the new year. I have worked with two of them before, and I am excited to hear what they all have to say. These are the people who give us actors jobs! These are the people to listen to and to get to know!

I've spent entirely too much time on the computer this past week. Time to read a book.

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